Facilitation and raising awareness to preserve the environment according to permaculture principles.


The intercultural community who lives in Piano di Magadino, Ticino, Switzerland is a living permaculture workshop. Its aim is a change towards a more humane and more harmonious world. ACERO would like to achieve a generally greater personal well-being in the neighbourhood, the region, the country and the whole world through the following ways:

° a more conscious and respectful nutrition of the individual and the world;
° facilitation of ecological connections always in cohabitation with all beings;
° spreading the principles and ethics of a sustainable agriculture;
° raising awareness for a more conscious use of resources;
° facilitation of artistic and cultural activities;
° ACERO provides a space for children and their families;
° facilitation of personal development

ACERO regularly houses the Permaculture Regional Group of the Italian speaking part of Switzerland

The aim of the Gruppo Regionale di Perma – Transition della Svizzera Italiana is to garden together in the ACERO forest garden as well as in other permaculture gardens, to talk about permaculture and to celebrate together. Another aim is to get to know, launch and design new permaculture projects.

The Gruppo wishes to create a platform for people interested in permaculture in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland to exchange experiences and make new friends.