Diploma in applied Permaculture design

Earn a diploma in applied permaculture design

Our goal is to enpower people to design functional and truly good
permaculture systems and to build and refine these systems.

The ACADEMY for PERMACULTURE DESIGN imparts theoretical and practical knowledge about permaculture principles for the design of viable, ecologically and economically stable systems.
The diploma curriculum teaches how to read permaculture landscapes and cities to turn them into edible and nutritious habitats for people, animals and plants.

We are happy to share our many years of experience in the design of manifold permaculture projects. Students are often involved in projects of down to earth PERMACULTURE DESIGN.

All students have access to an online portal.

The programme is open to anyone who has completed a permaculture design course.

The pedagogical concept was created on the basics of permaculture principles and permits students to join the programme at any time.


On the way to the Applied Permaculture Design are currently 27 students