down to earth Permaculture foundation
Ensuring sustainability

A permaculture design foundation that speaks to your soul !!

Help turn the spark that is the
«down to earth FOUNDATION»
into a fire !!

This quote from the Dalai Lama captures very well the objective of the
«down to earth FOUNDATION» in his words:

«I believe that to meet the challenge of our times, human beings will have to
develop a greater sense of universal responsibility.
Each of us must learn to work not for his or her self, family or nation,
but for the benefit of all mankind.»

The Universal responsibility is the real key to human survival.
It is the best foundation for the world peace, the appropriate use of
natural resources and through concern for the future generations,
the proper care of the environment.

VISION – down to earth FOUNDATION

The vision of the «down to earth FOUNDATION» is based on
promoting universal responsibility, protecting and equitably sharing natural
resources among individuals and groups around the world, and on creating
sustainable, stable, ecologically and economically
systems for plants, animals and people.

One part of this overarching concept encompasses facets of the emotional
and relationship levels such as empathy, non -violence, solution – orientated
communication and mindfulness.

All of these are essential for the «down to earth FOUNDATION»
and play a key role in creating and maintaining sustainable systems.


The objective of the «down to earth FOUNDATION» is to support projects around the world
that are based on the ideas of permaculture as an all – encompassing design concept
and that also further the vision of the foundation.


We are inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s words:
«Be the change you wish to see in the world.»

These words motivate us and many other people around the world to turn the vision of our non-profit organisation into reality with great enthusiasm:

The development that the «down to earth FOUNDATION» is pursuing on the basis of its vision is already being borne and built by a group of permaculture experts in the fields of sustainable development, environmental engineering, biology, technology, sustainable power generation, architecture and planning.


With your commitment, you can also play an essential role in implementing truly sustainable permacultural systems around the world and enabling future generations to live a fulfilling life in a stable and bountiful environment.

Thank you for your time and interest about permaculture !!
We are looking forward to hearing from you !!